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Marian Adderley 18.10.11

Dear Populus Live Team,

Thank you very much for the cheque which I received very promptly. I do not usually consider myself a winner, even in the village raffles, let alone the lottery, and have only ever one one prize of £50 for my premium bonds despite investing £1000 several years ago, so this has come as a great surprise and a terrific lift to my morale.

As an older lady from a very conventional household I realise that I am not always eligible to take part in your surveys, and am always disappointed when this is the case, so this is a great compensation. It is good to know, however, that the opinions of one such as myself are sought from time to time, and I always give careful consideration to my answers, otherwise it would be a waste of my time and yours!

With thanks again, and looking forward to contributing to your surveys in the future,

Marian Adderley

Alison Graddon 18.10.11

Thank you so much, have just received my first £50 cheque. It’s just in time for next week when I swop this horrible wet and windy north west weather for some Greek lsland sunshine!

Alison Graddon

Betty Cawdell 18.10.11

What a pleasant surprise to recieve your cheque for £50.00 today it is most welcome as my bank account is almost on zero!

I enjoy completing your surveys and find most of them very interesting.

Many thanks


Betty Cawdell

Avril Hemingfield 18.10.11

First cheque for £50 arrived today. I'll be recommending friends.

Please keep the surveys coming!

Derek Wisbey 18.10.11

I was delighted to receive my first cheque for £50.00 this week. I am always pleased to complete the surveys and trust my answers to the varied and interesting questions are a help to your research

Michael Murphy 18.10.11

Thank for for my first £50 which came today. I enjoy completing the surveys and look forward to completing many more.

Best Regards

Michael Murphy

Judith Wilkinson 18.10.11

Thank you so much for my first payment cheque, sent so promptly. I find most of the surveys I do very interesting & look forward to completing many more.

Thanks again

Judith Wilkinson

Vicky Melville 18.10.11

Thank you so much for my £50 cheque!

I can't believe I've earned that so quickly and not even having to remember to claim my rewards is such a plus!!

I do enjoy your surveys so much, they are well rewarded and very professional indeed and I hope to be a member for a long time to come!

With best regards to all of you,

Vicky Melville

Eileen Chamberlain 18.10.11

Hello PopulusLive team,

First of all many thanks for safe receipt of your cheque for 50.00. A welcome bonus that will buy a new carpet cleaner for me!

I really enjoy your surveys and often think of what you must do with the information. They are often very interesting and make me wonder what, for example, you did with the question of which animal suited which politician. Gordon Brown was a big brown bear in my opinion but sadly I never saw or read anything to link that survey :) Others are easy to guess.

So once again thank you. I look forward to receiving more in my email box. They are not too frequent and not very time consuming so I would encourage anyone eligible to take part.

Eileen Chamberlain

Muriel Taylor 12.07.11

Thank you for my very first cheque of £50. What a surprise, when it arrived without being asked for. I am really impressed!

I would encourage ayone to take part in your surveys, which are topical, varied and very interesting. When I complete a survey, I feel as though my views are valuable and will be used to influence decisions. To get paid for them as well - that's a bonus. I look forward to the next survey.

Muriel Taylor

Elizabeth 08.07.11

Thank you for my first cheque from Populus. I really enjoy the surveys as they are simple to navigate, always interesting and usually not too long ! Well done !

Elizabeth O'Regan.


Rosie Blissett 08.07.11


Just wanted to say a belated thank you for the cheque. it was a wonderful suprise and came in very handy as some ext6ra spending money for my Disneyworld holiday :)

I've really enjoyed being part of Populus, the surveys are so interesting and easy to do on my mobile whilst I'm commuting to work. I look forward to accumulating my next 50 points.

Best wishes,

Rosie Blissett

Rita Walsh 08.07.11

Never seen an easier way to earn £50.


David Wilkes 08.07.11

I have just received my first cheque for £50.It was nice get it without any hassle it came within a few days into the Month,just for completing a few questions.Have already some points towards my next cheque.


June Finch 08.07.11

Dear PopulusLive Team

Thank you so much for the £50 cheque received yesterday. I was absolutely thrilled to be paid for something that is a pleasure to do. My trust has been rewarded because I thought that to begin with it was just another scam and I would certainly not be sending you my bank details but to prove me wrong the cheque arrived through the post. Again many thanks and it will be used to continue with my Tai Chi classes which is good for mind, body and soul.

June Finch